Leesh (xcallingdrlovex) wrote in dot_apple,


I'm new to this community. I basically just searched for it because I have some issues with my new Ipod and sometimes LJ communities are the best place to find answers to your questions (the damn apple site sure wasn't helping much)

I don't exactly have any problem problems, but I got a new IPOD for christmas, one of the big ones with the screen in the middle, anyway, it seems like the battery dwindles down faster than I would like, and other than that, my sister got one too, even though she's 25 and lacking her own computer...but I won't get into that...and wants me to put some songs from a cd onto hers but the lame itunes thing keeps telling me the ipod doesn't play those kind of files, even though I already converted in itunes.

and I also cannot figure out how to put videos on my ipod, which really sucks because that was supposed to be the cool part about having one of the new ones. :(

can anybody help, and before I waste anybody's time, my computer is seriously running low on memory (I've had to go through and clean it out a bunch of times now) so I would like to not have to donwload any massive programs, and I am only 15 so I can't exactly download one that will let me use it for 5 minutes and then expect me to fork over cash.

thanks in advance! :)
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